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System Inspections checklist and repair

Pre-service air conditioning system performance check

check service ports, belt tension, corrosion, pipe work, obstructions.

Pressure test with OFN (oxygen free nitrogen) if empty

Recover any refrigerant present to waste or recycling cylinders

Deep Vacuum system & Re-Charge using correct amount of refrigerant

Add correct grade & amount of compressor oil

Final performance check

Attach service sticker

Extra Services

For some of the services we assume there is some refrigerant left in your system to test with and it is possible to run the system in its 'faulty' state.
Rejuvenating your aircon system with Deodoriser treatment

The pure nature of the air conditioning operation means that fungus and bacteria can build up on the internal evaporator of the car.

This build up of bacteria can result in what is commonly known as "sick carsyndrome". Not only is an offensive smell given off whenever the air conditioning is switched on occupants can feel sick or contract ear, nose and throat infections from your system.

We treat the evaporator with a specially formulated Air Conditioner anti-bacterial spray that kills all the bugs and leaves your air conditioning smelling fresh.

Ultra violet dye additive

This service involves the use of a special UV dye injected into the system during the Recharge procedure.

This is the most reliable way of determining a leak within your air conditioning, and alleviates the need for paying excessive labour charges to fault find the system and find any potential leak.

Leak Sealer additive

Where a leak test shows up a very small leak it may be possible to fix this type of leak without replacing a part or making a repair to that component.

This sealant is specially formulated for Air Conditioning systems (both old and new) to seal existing leaks, and remains in the system to seal any future leaks.

The leak repair option will only work for very small leaks and should be approached with caution. Major leaks need to be dealt with in the proper manner by replacing the faulty parts.

We will advise as appropriate and customers should recognize that there is a degree of uncertainty attached to this treatment.
Once attempted we regret that we cannot refund the cost of this procedure if it fails to rectify the leak.

For air-conditioning and all other repairs.

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